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terms and conditions

All prices shown on this website are indicative and therefore Errors and Omissions Excluded. Quick quote prices are the minimum that can be charged and at the discretion of the carrier. We carry only Goods or Freight, Documents and Personal Effects which are included in the initial quote and that which can be covered under our carriers 'Goods in Transit' Insurance.

Rates are priced on actual mileage/kilometre based on licensee distances which use preferred driving routes i.e. motorways, excluding major cities. All rates are priced against routes that can be driven and therefore include whenever possible tolls and congestion charges. Backloads are priced by 60% of regular rate as shown on quick quote.

As well as ferry crossings, waiting or standing charges will be added subsequently after the first hour of delivery or pick up at £25 per hour, £15 per hour and £35 per hour; for the Luton/Large Van/Transit, Small Van or 7.5t Truck respectively.

Account business invoiced on 30 days from date of invoice; any extended credit to be agreed upon by the *Company's Credit Officer. We understand and will exercise our statutory right to interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.

Business to business invoices to be settled 7 days from date of invoice.

Private clients and Business non-account holders should make payment before delivery.

Bookings paid in full 'online' will be given priority over any subsequent bookings.

Settlement of all invoices must be done by the booking agent (i.e. Customer) and there are no circumstances in which third parties are to be responsible for payment.

Payment by credit or debit card should be done online or direct by telephone with the *Company and cash only paid to carrier with permission from the *Company.

Goods in Transit will be covered by the carrier and not by the *Company, up to the value of £20,000 for the Large Van ; Transit Van; £10,000 for the Small Van; 7.5t truck at the carriers discretion but not less than £25,000; goods over that value will be at the clients risk.

Delivery of personal items and effects are door to door, therefore any assistance from the driver to deliver them inside the premises is discretionary and up to the carrier.

Customers wishing to employ any packaging services from the designated carrier must agree price and terms separately from the given quote.

Clients who wish to travel with the vehicle may do so only with direct permission from the carrier and not the *Company with the understanding they travel at their own risk.

Any cancellation must be made by in writing/email to the *Company 24 hours before the collection time and date and failure to do so will result in full payment of the invoice.

Refunds will not be made to failed collections i.e. goods / personal items are not ready or present for collection on arrival by the carrier.

Any deviation from the original booking form addresses for collection and delivery will be subject to additional charges; possible carrier refusal and payment in full of the invoice.

Collection times made on Traditional Holidays; Bank Holiday Weekends & between the hours 5pm & 5am; one and a quarter times the going net rate will be charged. Thank you.

* The 'Company or Company's' being that of ZIPPYONEDAYDELIVERY.COM LTD